Abbingdon gap

22.7 into this shelter. Passed 20% mark today! Nice day. Hiking has become much less painful with a decrease in the size of the mountains. Damascus is in ten miles so we are looking at a nice easy day tomorrow.
My pinky finger was looking forest green and was sore at dinner.. pressed on it and out came lots of green puss. Luckily someone else was prepared with a med kit and hooked me up. Popped a decent sized blister mid day too. Otherwise body feels good. Probably will take a zero in Damascus which is always good for the Achilles tendon. Groin pull seems to have healed.
Sunrise this morning at breakfast was phenomenal!


He lived alone. Suffered alone. Died alone. -nick grindstaff grave stone



Handicapped accessible trail! Awesome!



Hot hiker chicks on the trail!






Old shelter “holiday inn”

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4 Responses to Abbingdon gap

  1. Patty (aunt of Ember) says:

    Tan lines or dirt lines ?!?

  2. John H says:

    That Grindstaff fellow looks oddly familiar.
    Have fun in Damascus!

  3. mother of ember says:

    Those are some nasty looking feet!

  4. mother of ember says:

    I would like to see a picture of Alex hiking in the shorty shorts please.

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