First hostel

We are at vango hostel.. hiked 15 something here in the rain and sleet. It was a long hike for several reasons. First off, all was normal last night at doll flats when we went to bed. UNTIL THE GIANT WIND STORM ROLLED THROUGH! I slept 4 hours MAX. Had to re-stake my tent twice in the middle of the night and all of our tents were all over the place. It made so much noise and was nearly impossible to sleep through. Luckily we beat the rain.. rolled out of camp 15 mins before it started. Packing a dry tent means everything out here. I however have run into some groin muscle pain.. likely from one of the several falls I took yesterday on the ice. Trying to take care of it, but I had to grapevine walk up hills today to avoid pain, which was extremely exhausting. We’ll see how it feels in the morning. It’s amazing how just one wrong step can cause so much harm for days. Been hanging with a guy “frost” for 2 nights now. Only other guy we’ve met from Asheville. He’s nice to have around. His fiancée thru hiked twice already and he’s making a movie as he goes. check out the episode he just put out! We’ve been hiking a lot with the lady and dog in opening scene. Camero and Chevy. Anyway.. long day ended with awesome hostel, shower, and a free pizza (thanks Scottie!!!) 6 bunks, a stove, heat. Going to make up sleep for last night. Zzzzzz

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One Response to First hostel

  1. John H says:

    Someone educate me: “grapevine walk”? Even the Google machine couldn’t
    help me with that one. In any case, the groin pull isn’t fun.
    I hope a night of recovery has helped.

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