Everything happens for a reason

Today did not go as planned. After spending the night in Erwin we had planned long days into the next resupply. However… we had a major set back. Last thing we do before we head out the door – put on our shoes. Long story short, ember put our shoes in the laundry on high last night with our clothes (many if which are wool by the way). Neither of us could fit our inserts in and we could barely fit our feet. First thought was that they might stretch out. Half mile down the road… not going to happen. We were both crippled with pain walking on flat ground. Last time I let anyone but myself anywhere near my laundry. After phone calls and arranging we had new shoes in hand, delivered by Mary ellen , Christopher, and Shannon by 4 pm. So thankful for their time. I can’t explain how wonderful they are. It would have been so sad to wait on a delivery. Saved the day! We still got in about nine miles before dark and got to set up tent with Fresh Ground. The coffee pancake chocolate soup amazing trail magic man. His home cooked breakfast will be an awesome start to tomorrow. The AT has been magical today even with almost no hiking. We spent all day for free at the hostel hanging out, meeting people, sharing stories… it was so nice just getting to know so many people. Made me really reconsider my priorities. I really like the people and the social part, which I though I would be trying to out hike. Realizing that it’s a family out here and I thoroughly enjoy it. Makes getting held up a day a lot better. Seems like we know everyone within a 50 mile radius now, and its so fun keeping track of where everyone is, how they’re doing, etc. The whole experience is starting to come together. I can definitely make it to Maine 🙂


Fresh ground campfire

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  1. Mary Flaherty says:

    from david f….tell alex, crow and shutterbug i said hi.

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