Erwin tn

Hiked into Erwin. Finally caught the crew but the hostel was full. Another cheap warm and wonderful hotel. Made a run to Walmart with everyone then a yummy fried meal at huddle house. I got mozzarella sticks fried pickles hash browns and coke. It hurts. Today we had excellent weather and got to hike on snow free ground! Plus Dave met us part way through the day with coffee. !!! Ember, shutterbug and I were so happy to hike today. We hiked most of the day with her. She’s really awesome. Easy hitch into town in a pick up with a young lady about our age. Laundry. Check. Food. Check. Friends. Check.

Happy easter y’all!

Some one set up an easter hunt for us. At first I was a little scared. Forgot it was easter and read “enjoy the hunt” (these are words I don’t like to find in the woods)





We borrowed the hostel owner’s van to get to huddle house


Hostel kitty


Easter tree with candy!



Chevy. Our favorite trail dog!

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3 Responses to Erwin tn

  1. Julia Horrocks says:

    Glad youre getting some better weather. Should be an awesome hike up Roan. The pics are great! xo

  2. John says:

    Chevy looks a lot like Sasha!

  3. mother of ember says:

    I really enjoy your pictures! The one of Alex overlooking the river is amazing!

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