Today started out very beautiful. Woke up.. water was not frozen! We walked in short sleeves even though there was still 8 or so inches on the ground. Then of course, surprise surprise, it snowed on us the last two hours. It is almost April.. but I won’t focus on that. At lunch a tiny plane flew over us on the ridge line. 250 feet above us! It was awesome. The brown slush as we were walking a small segment looked like melted coffee ice cream. I know what I’m getting in Erwin. Really happy I brought more junk food. Honey buns were the best 1.79 I’ve ever spent. My feet are happy! Alex’s feet were killing him this morning. Ended up cutting a hole in his shoe for his baby toe to wiggle.


Then he cut one in his finger.


Meant to mention last night that ma’s chocolate coconut nests got a standing ovation from the stuffed shelter. Everyone was so happy when I dumped them out on the picnic table. “Compliments to the chef” I was told to tell ma!


21.3 miles today.


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3 Responses to

  1. John says:

    Best wishes to Alex’s toe…and finger. Give him an extra nest.

  2. mother of ember says:

    Poor Alex. I hate that for him.

  3. Julia Horrocks says:

    Those nests that Mom makes are so good… You look beautiful in those mountains, EJ!

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