Hi! I know this seems like we are lazy… but we are in Asheville for day two. We are taking a double zero. For a good reason though. I didn’t mention it in the last blog but Ember’s shoe started causing him some trouble as we were hiking into hot springs. Messed up his big toe pretty bad in only a few miles. He called this morning and cancelled our ride back to the trail to give his toe one more day. We are trying to hike smart. One more day home is better than another 6 days later on. It’s a long trail. Kills me to not be out there again, but he’s been wearing different shoes all day to try them out and gave me the o.k. a few minutes ago to be back on the trail in the morning. Glad he’s feeling better.
Making the best of being home as always.


Added a new patch to my pack. I like the new look!

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