Hot springs

Made it to home base! It is snowing. Still. So we are taking it easy in Asheville for a day while the hiking family crashes and takes zero days in hot springs. Ma and pa waited and never saw me at max patch two days ago… we got in late and no service. They had hot cocoa and we missed it!!! So I can’t wait to drink it for breakfast. By the way…. I know I just laid out my diet but I’m scraping it. I was trying to be healthy but you simply can’t be. I starved. Calories calories calories. I’m going strait for honey buns and pop tarts today at ingles. I was so hungry that I, vegetarian of 11 years, ate a hot dog that was cooked for me. This guy Fresh Ground set up “hiker support” with soup dogs coffee pancakes soda etc.  “Leap frog cafe” he called it. Best trail magic EVER. He made me a hot dog and I ate the crap out of it. No questions asked. I’m not going to make a habit out of it.. so junk food is now my diet.
Got to witness the Colorado boys tent fly on max patch. That was awesome. I guess nothing much else happened while out of service. We were all just hiking with food at hot springs on the brain. And boy did we order some food. After a crowded night in the shelter with snow on our faces and foot tall drifts to hike through we were all booking it down the mountain.







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One Response to Hot springs

  1. Julia Horrocks says:

    Amazing. Get you some calories, girl.

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