Almost out of the smokies (3/23)

I have a love hate relationship with the smokies. Thank goodness it’s beautiful because that 12.something miles in 4 inches of snow was rather difficult. Body feels good though. Feet are very happy. No blisters no arch or Achilles pain despite walking on crunchy ice. We skied and ice skated a lot today. Trail runners rock. I don’t know how my feet are soaking wet to the point of ringing out my socks and are still warm. Wool is a miracle. I love you wool.



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3 Responses to Almost out of the smokies (3/23)

  1. John says:

    A little bit envious…a little bit glad I’m not walking in your shoes. Keep enjoying it, letting the good stuff trump the bad.

  2. Ann says:

    Yay!! I’m so happy the shoes are working out! I am going to go to DS soon and get the same ones so I can start doing some trail running. Love you! The pictures are beautiful!

  3. Love seeing all the photos. Glad you are back in step. Will be posting some of your photos on the Aurora facebook page – maybe the web-site too. Then I will be off on vacation. I will look forward to seeing how far you’ve gone by the time I return home.

    Hey – could you explain the technique for getting the gear hanging from the trees and how you get it down….

    Thanks – hugs and dry happy feet!


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