Packing food for tomorrow morning and can’t wait to get this party going again (feels like this week off has been a millennium!) Crossing my fingers that nothing else puts us out that long again. Hard to stomach when we JUST started to get into the rhythm of our hike. I figured I would take this afternoon to examine my diet and share my meals as I said I would last week. Let’s start with breakfast. Makes sense.


Carnations instant breakfast Nature valley protein chew Quaker oatmeal vitamin chewy Calories 480 Protein 19 grams


Midmorning trail mix Calories 210 Protein 5


Lunch Flat bread/pita/tortilla Cheese Hummus or peanut butter Avg calories 455 protein 28.5


Midday bar Avg Calories 225 Protein 7


While I hike food: cranberries and nuts Cranberries calories 130 I got nothing on the nuts but I’m sure there is decent protein


Dinner Annie’s Mac C 675 P 25 Couscous and tuna C 320 P 24 Ramen x 2 C 760 P 20 Instant potatoes & tuna C 510 P 28 Pastaside C 440 P 16 Cheap Mac n cheese C 750 P 24


What is life without nutella? 4tbls 400 calories 4 g protein / day

Avg day
Calories 2476 protein 86 grams

Now I’m hungry!

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3 Responses to Meals

  1. John Horrocks says:

    Well, at least you won’t be doing anything that would require a lot of extra calories.

  2. John Horrocks says:


  3. Kat says:

    Your blog is so interesting! I showed little P.H. A picture of you and he thought so too. Good luck and keep hiking 🙂

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