So it goes

So we hiked 15 something to a shelter last night.. cable rock? Or something. All was well. Feeling good. Zero service. Then something came up last night. Lady problem. So ember and I hiked to Fontana dam and had papa pick us up. 5.5 miles of pain to get into Asheville for a doctor. Really, you don’t want to know. But I will have everyone know that our legs and feet are fine. Not a hiking injury and we’ll be back on the path again by Monday. Small medical procedure. Going to follow the doctors orders. Ember is awesome for sticking with me. We’re in Asheville and able to make good use of time with making adjustments to our gear. Plus, I’ve been ordered by the doc to take 2 to 3 baths a day. Literally. Could be worse! Ive had a nice day though and I have a bunch of pictures to post cause I was going crazy taking pics of ice and lichen out of not wanting to hike fast. See y’all back on the trail in one piece soon!








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3 Responses to So it goes

  1. John Horrocks says:

    On the plus side, it’s And the p And the pictures are beautiful. Love the one with the icy branches and Alex.

  2. Tom and I are so enjoying following your once-in-a-lifetime adventure, EJ! We’re living the journey vicariously and loving it. Thanks for posting! Big hugs your way.

  3. Ember's Aunt Patty says:

    I’m so sorry about your bump in the road. I hope you are feeling 100% now and are ready to get back on the trail tomorrow.
    Wishing you good health and good weather.

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