Roses. Cheese. Coffee. Cola. Beer.

I had all if these today. Best day yet. AND Mary Ellen, Dave, & Christopher came and hiked with us. Was nice to see family and catch up. Beautiful day for a hike so I’m glad they got to witness one of the best weather days yet. T-shirt and shorts today. Woohoo! They also brought me my trail running shoes (thanks ma and pa!) With Dave’s heel inserts which totally resolved my Achilles tendon issue. My shoes came beautifully packaged with two roses, chocolate covered sun flower seeds, gummies, soy nuts, fancy cheese, and my smokies hiking permit. All this after Mary Ellen handed me coffee. Holy crap. And if that wasn’t good enough, we hit trail magic further down the road. Got a coke while we chatted and packed a beer in for dinner. Thank you freckles and sprite! Thru hikers from 08. 14.8 miles today. We will do 16 fish tomorrow and be a mile from nantahala outdoor center. Definitely hiking with no pack down to the restaurant for dinner. Heavenly day. Looking forward to tomorrow! Mtn view from another 360 tower.



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7 Responses to Roses. Cheese. Coffee. Cola. Beer.

  1. You’re going to be at Natahala already? Would love to cheer you on? Is this possible? Is anyone else meeting up with you tomorrow??? What would you like me to bring???
    Text me if you can and I will check first thing in the morning and drive out to Natahala!

    Hugs, Lori

  2. John Horrocks says:

    Yea! We found the right shoes? Wasn’t easy. Glad the goodies hit the spot. And so good you had the connect with Embers folks.

  3. Patty (Ember's aunt) says:

    Really love to get the female perspective on the day! Thanks for taking the time to share,
    like your pictures a lot, I would also be interested in a typical daily menu (if you have time) and SO glad your Achilles is better! Be safe.

  4. Heather Vaughan says:

    Love the pics. The more the better. Just got in from Boulder/Denver – Arwen, Heather, Roan, Maddox, and Sasha send their love to you. It was great to hear them reminisce about their days on the trail (they ate at that same spot in Hiawassee). Anyway, they’re helping me figure out where to meet you first on the trail. Let’s talk about that soon, btw… I could meet you in NC (Roan Mtn would be most cool) or wait till you get to VA (maybe Damascus?). Whatever’s good for you. XO

  5. Julia Horrocks says:

    So the last post was from me…I forgot to sign out after Heather used my iPad to write to you yesterday. Later gator!

  6. mother of ember says:

    I had a great time hiking with you today! So happy to hear the achilles is feeling better.

  7. Karen Manfred says:

    Keep going…you are a strong woman! I have really enjoyed your journal entries…very interesting (this is going to make a great book)!

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