Longest mile day yet! Started out rough. Concern about my Achilles tendon resurfaced after an hour of crunching through frozen slush. Meant my ankle was twisting and turning so everything flared up. An hour and an advil later I was OK but I’m trying to get trailing running shoes on my feet asap in case its due to pressure in my hiking boot heel. Embers folks are potentially bringing them tomorrow. We have officially hiked over 100 miles!!!! At the top of mt Albert there was a tower with 360 degree beautiful clear view. The climb up there was torture but it was worth the rock climbing. We did push ups on top of the tower which was pretty exhilarating. My papa would have been nervous over the height of it. Rolled into camp and after the cooking and cleaning I’m ready for a warmer night of sleep. Spring can’t come sooner. Got to wear shorts today. Yipee! Attaching a panoramic from lunch before the tower.


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5 Responses to 19.7

  1. John Horrocks says:

    20 miles? Plus pushups? On top of a tower? In shorts? Are you insane?
    I love you girl.

  2. Heather Vaughan says:

    Hey girl! Loving following your adventure. Just don’t burn yourself out too quickly. Make sure you’re taking care of your feet. Better to have a few low mileage days than get an injury that takes weeks or months to recover from. Might want to get some of those arch supports you can form to your foot. Hike on my dear!!! Xox

  3. I hear you are headed to hot springs and around Asheville soon. Please keep us posted with dates and times. Your blog has inspired me to start one. I’m going to wait till I’m closer to getting the cake truck. It will be a great way to spread the word plus get some feedback. In other news, it’s official, Molly will be having puppies this June! We are keeping one! Be prepared for lots of loving!,!!

  4. patmom1 says:

    Glad you are getting company today!

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