Last night… oh last night. Was rainy yesterday as we got into deep gap shelter so we team-worked it and got a tarp up in the door way. Was keeping us somewhat warm… until maybe 2 am. By 3 am ember and I realized that we were being snowed on and temps had dropped and wind had picked up. We were on the bottom floor so we clumsily climbed and made J Lo make room on the loft. By morning snow piled its way into the shelter with about 2.5 inches outside. 19 degrees in the shelter. On the bright side, the privy had a roof! So we aren’t making it to NC until tomorrow. It was a four mile hike to the highway and we hitch hiked 11 miles to town (really nice woman in a Subaru with a trunk full of food she was donating to a church that she offered to us). South side cafe. Best place ever. Waitress Sue bought our coffee and fried pickles. She happily took a photo with me. She’s my favorite person right now.


Got groceries and showered. Budget in 39.99 never felt so luxurious. 9 am free shuttle back to the trail included with the price. Great hiker town. Thanks hiawassse!

Check out that ratty nest! Better then the one that ember found in his mitten this morning. The mice chewed through clothes, packs, and trash, left acorns in hiking boots and nested in mittens. My stuff was left untouched 🙂

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4 Responses to Hiawassee!

  1. cute EJ!! I have to say, I subscribed to your blog before you left and it just makes me so happy when I see one of your posts in my email inbox! I love and miss you! Stay warm out there! We got our first actual snow here this morning but it melted by like 10am
    Can’t wait to see you!! Will you include your tentative date that you’ll be in AVL in one of your posts so I can prepare??

    OK LOVE YOU!! (also, I saw the hair pic, just say no to dreads EJ! i’ll shave the sides of your head when you’re in town if you want! even though, that does nothing for the back of your head haha)

  2. John says:

    No doubt the mice left you alone out of respect for Wolfgang. Good kharma with the rodent population pays off.

  3. Julia horrocks says:

    Oh man, send some love to Ember! It’s always refreshing to hear stories about really good people – glad you found Sue. Hope your night in Hiawassee gave you the energy you need to get to NC. Can’t wait to see you there soon! Also, it’s now indisputable that you’re one of those people that will look beautiful no matter what you wear or what you do with your hair…must be your contagious smile 🙂

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