What day is it?

Passover – “I forget that climbing mountains really isn’t that hard.”
Ember – “yea, you just kind of walk up it”

Drizzle and little hard rain. First night on the trail in a shelter. And THANK GOODNESS. So much mud. Shelter full of awesome people. Ember didnt notice but I had seen little heart shaped rocks (maybe 8 or 9) placed in pretty places throughout the trail. In the shelter journal he noticed someone named heart rock! And sure enough he was right there. We caught back up with a nice guy “J Lo” and there are a couple others here. Two story shelter!
Puds- pointless ups and downs – Georgia is full of them. We are at deep gap shelter tonight. Going into hiawassee tomorrow and hoping to be in NC by tomorrow night. 15.5 miles today. If we make it out of town tomorrow in a timely fashion its only 12 miles to NC so I figure we’ll make it. Home sweet home!


Of course the only photos on my phone are of Thanksgiving dinner. Mmm mom is the best. Can’t wait to get the Asheville where I know cookies await.
BTW: only enough battery to blog… but one of the highlights of my day are getting into the tent and reading the comments. So thank you thank you thank you. Y’all are awesome.

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12 Responses to What day is it?

  1. Joey says:

    Dang EJ. You always told me about this mystical and daring AT trail you were walking on March 1st, giving me daily updates on the ill-fitting/waterproof/non-waterproof boot saga. Little did I know AT was “agony and torture” (or “anguish and torment,” maybe?) I have given your situation much thought, and have determined that one of the chief advantages of having a male hiking partner has to be access to unlimited piggy-back rides. You must consider, however, that this partner might at some point find himself injured, and expect you to reciprocate. So use this determination at your peril. In any case take care and go easy! Thanks for keeping us on the trail with you. It is really cool.


  2. Pat says:

    Cookies you’ll have! What else are you and ember craving?? Hope your talk with that foot worked. Love you and your spirit! Mom

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Karen says:

    No mention of your feet today, so I’m hoping that means you’re not having any more trouble. Don’t despair ~ the mud will disappear eventually. Good luck to you and Alex! xxoo Karen O

  4. John Horrocks says:

    I remember that dinner. It didn’t look like that for long. Just keep thinking about those good eats…we’ll fatten you up when you’re here.

  5. HI Ej- Was thinking about you and your feet when it began to downpour. Glad you are in a shelter tonight and with a groovy bunch. And your question about what your feet are saying if they could talk “Keep me moving”?

    Let me know around when you will be in Hotsprings. I was hoping it would be on the weekend so that I could meetup and do that section with you.

    Love to you and Alex!

  6. John Nelson says:

    Ehh… Sorry kiddo… I ate dem cookies !

  7. Jeanette says:

    Thinking about you everyday! What an adventure…thanks for sharing your thoughts on this adventure. You are amazing!

  8. Hi there Girl! How’s my favorite AT thru-hiker? I am reading Jen Pharr Davis’s book and imagining life on the trail. Funny thing, I think about you every night when I take Chloe out to pee before bedtime. It is cold and I hope you are staying warm. Sending good thoughts your way and wishes for trail magic.

  9. Julia horrocks says:

    Hey EJ! As you know I’m out in Boulder for the week, and I thought about you a ton today while I was hiking. At first it was just beautiful winding around the foothills of the Rockies. Then I started to get tired and sore. Then it got cold. Then I found out my ride back to town bailed on me. I tried calling the bus to see where there was a stop, but no service anywhere. Then it started getting really cold. I found a bus stop and waited for an hour, then managed to catch a ride with a trustworthy-looking stranger back to Boulder. I feel like I had the tiniest taste of what you go through every day, and I don’t know how you do it. BIG RESPECT, girl.

  10. ashevillegal says:

    Loved seeing snow this morning but thought about you and hoping you are finding creative ways to stay warm. XO.

  11. Kimberly Parker says:

    I need the last four digits of your SS#.

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