Day three

Bloody morning. First off I earned myself a trail name. Typical Ej got a bloody nose.. then I got some on the door of my tent. So, from here on out I’m Passover. I kind of like it. And I will say I was almost in tears laughing about it. Then came blood mtn. I think I did my self a favor by training sobo on bluff mtn cause it didn’t seem as bad as all the hype made it out to be. We hiked 5 miles there then continued another ten or so stopping at neel gap for a good bit. 15.something day. I also bit my lip eating a frozen solid apple at the top of blood mtn so my apple was covered in blood and not very appetising by the end of it. Yet another cold night. Just Alex and I. Thinking just a 10 mile day tomorrow. That sounds nice. My thumb might freeze off if I keep typing. So away I go!

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8 Responses to Day three

  1. John Horrocks says:

    It fits.

  2. lbg1959 says:

    Good Pasach!!! Thinking sunny thoughts for you and Alex and a nice cup of warm stew at a dinner off the trail.

  3. Mary Flaherty says:

    You poor bloody thing! Stay warm and no more bleeding!

  4. Your trail name is awesome! Thanks for keeping your blog updated, I know how hard it is at the end of a long day to try and stay awake long enough to type up something for everyone to read but we really enjoy it. Its been half-ass snowing here for that last few days so I’m sure its been absolutely freezing for you guys! The cold seems to make the ramen taste better though,lol. Have fun and stay safe!

  5. Julia horrocks says:

    I’m going to appreciate my cup of coffee this morning much more after reading your post.

  6. Hey Passover, lets go hike the Israeli Trail!!! Following your daily posts and wish you warmth. Xoxoxo

  7. Leki-Less says:

    That’s a great trailname. The best trailnames are the ones with good stories to go along with them. Be prepared to tell that story about 200 times.

  8. Heather Queen says:

    Hey! We miss you sooooo much. The house isn’t the same without you. Just letting you know Jeff at the Altamont is really excited about helping you out. He said he would do everything he could. Love you! P.S. Kimberly loves you so much and she figured out how to pay the power bill all by herself!

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