Day four

Foot pain started today. My arch. My Achilles tendon. And a couple blisters. Not too bad but I’m glad we only did 11.8 miles to Blue Mtn shelter so I have more time to rest my feet. Going to be bad weather the next two days so I’m soaking in the last little bit of sunshine while I can. Feels like it got into the 50s today. Tent is out of the wind. Hoping to get more and warmer sleep tonight. The conversations on the trail get so strange. We’ll both be in silence then have the weirdest things to say because our minds are wondering. I recall talking about scorpions being bad at laser tag because they glow in uv… “they would be sitting ducks”. A guy named wet dog was playing my favorite Cake album at lunch. It was a nice treat. I’m going to go find a warm spot and cook dinner. Bunch of nice folks here. Nice to dry out the sleeping bags! The down has been wet from breathing. . Condensation in my bag was something I hadn’t considered, but definitely been too cold to have my face out of it. Cheers!

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3 Responses to Day four

  1. Wishing you a warm snug night. Too bad about the scorpians. I don’t think I ever played laser tag…and I know I never played it with a scorpion. Perhaps a chameleon or two…

    Hope your feet recoup soon. And, the favorite cake song is??? Hugs.

  2. Love reading your posts. Hope your feet toughen up soon. XO.

  3. Jenni says:

    You need a ski mask, like bank robbers use, so you keep warm and keep moisture out of your sleeping bag!

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