Day two

16.2 miles today. All feels good besides a little pain in my arch, so I’m not complaining. There are a handful of people that we are consistently seeing, but it definitely thinned out after the snow last night and ongoing today. Ramon noodles were the highlight of my evening.. not for the noodles but for the warm pot on my hands. Yesterday we ran into trail magic so I’ve also been enjoying random star bursts and twix. Mmm. Get to go into a little town tomorrow and make some gear adjustments and use a public bathroom. Might get a cup of coffee and post an aurora flyer somewhere! Loving life. Gnight!

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2 Responses to Day two

  1. Leki-Less says:

    16.2 miles?? On Day 2!? I also started on March 1st and didn’t hike over 16 miles until March 30th! And then took a zero the next day. Not that you should hike as slowly as I did. Hike your own hike. That’s the most valuable life lesson out there.

  2. John Horrocks says:

    Especially glad to hear the part about “loving life”. Warm thoughts.

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