Day one

Starting off nice and easy. Hawk mountain shelter 8.1 miles in. Approximately 30? people here! Not sure the reality of starting the AT will hit until tomorrow. Everything is new and exciting and everyone here at the shelter is sooo full of joy. It’s in the low twenties and is freezing rain…. and everyone is out and about chatting. I can literally here someone whistling a happy tune. High spirits all around. Alex is next door so we can talk through our tents. Can’t wait for a longer day tomorrow. Going to read a Mark Twain short story and hit the hay. Warm thoughts. It’s going to be a cold night!

Technical difficultly … took a pic of the camera. This is our entry at the start of the trail on springer. Alex told me to write what I felt.. so that’s what I did!

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One Response to Day one

  1. Kimberly Parker says:

    Joke is over. You can come home now. I seriously don’t know how to pay the AT&T bill.

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