AT Eve



A day full of to-do lists, excitement, and .. goodbyes. Trying to control the butterflies and tears. Not an easy day, but I knew it was coming. I’ll feel better when I see my first white blaze on Springer Mountain. 

So – I’ll see y’all on the trail!

May everyone have a beautiful, happy, Spring.


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3 Responses to AT Eve

  1. Joey says:

    Greetings wayfarer! Mr. Vicarious here, taking every step right along with you. Except I have heat and carpet under my toes. And a microwave. And Subway is just right down the road. Anyway, be safe and take lots of pics. We are watching . . . Joey

  2. Happy Trails to you…until we meet again…LOVE YOU, You inspire us all!

  3. Ann says:

    EJ! I love you and cannot express how proud of you I am! Good luck out there, stay safe. I think our good bye was just the sweetest thing ever. See you in a few weeks when you come through! ❤

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